Ramaiah Intellectual Property Rights Cell

[in association with KSCST - Karnataka State Council for Science & Technology]


To be a prime facilitator in research and dissemination of knowledge in the area of Intellectual Property Rights, thereby creating an informed Intellectual Property community.










  • To promote research and awareness among the stakeholders on different aspects of Intellectual Property Rights
  • To create awareness about the importance of protection of intellectual endeavour among the GEF Community;
  • To aid the creators for protection and management of intellectual property rights.
  • Extending support to potential IP holders from marginalized communities/ individuals to protect their rights.
  • To work towards the promotion and preservation of Traditional Knowledge and Geographical Indications.




  • To raise awareness and work towards the preservation and promotion of various forms of IP with special reference to Traditional Knowledge, Geographical Indication, etc.,
  • To provide a platform for research and to encourage scholarly works in the area of intellectual property rights;
  • To help institutions to come up with prudent IP management practices;
  • To provide legal aid regarding compliance and a consensual dispute resolution platform regarding IP.
  • To be a facilitator between the stakeholder and various governmental organizations working towards the promotion of Intellectual Property Right.
  • To conduct Workshops/ Seminars / Conference/ Public Exhibitions etc.


Ramaiah Intellectual Property Rights Cell is a multi membered body created in association with Karnataka State Council for Science & Technology, Govt of Karnataka. All Copyrights Reserved.